About WHALE Center

About the WHALE Center:

The WHALE Center (Wellness Health And Lifestyle Education) is an interfaith eduational organization and a Utah Not-For Profit Corporation was established in 1990. It also operates as a Foreign Corporation in the States of Florida and New York.

The WHALE Center is a 501 (c) 3 organization meaning that contributions to it are tax deductible to the extent the law allows.

The WHALE Center is a credentialed Civil Society NGO with the United Nations Environment Programme, is a recognized UNWTO Affiliate, and is an organization in Speical Consultative status with the U.N. Economic and Social Council since 2019.

Vision Statement

The WHALE Center facilitates healing with individuals, families, organizations, communities, and the Earth in cooperation with others.

Major Programs

Blue Communty Consortium

Global Healing

Waves of Change

Flagship Wolf Preservation Society

Utah URI

Leadership Development and Culture Change Consultation

The WHALE Center assists individuals in developing as leaders from the inside out and assists organizations in creating cultures that support new styles of leadership to achieve Breakthrough Performance.

Major Leadership Development & Culture Change Projects have included:

  • Deaconess Health System Breakthrough Commitment System

  • Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort Leadership and Wellness Program.

  • U.S. EPA grant for Leadership training for Post Earth Summit.

  • Salt Lake VA Medical Center Leadership Development Program.

  • UNEP Earth and Faith Leadership Development Program.

Environmental Programs

The WHALE Center works with others to both educate and bring about change for a more sustainable planet for present and future generations.

Major Enviornmental Projects:

Provided Leadership for the Environment and Social Values program for the Salt Lake Olympic Committee

  • Provided leadership and programs for the 150 person Global Environment team at the Earth Summit including: co-producing a program with John Denver, Olivia Newton John, and Paul Winter

  • Provided leadership for the Environment and Social Values program for the Salt Lake Olympic Committee

  • Facilitated several State wide Environment and Ethics conferences

  • Utah Population & Enviornment Coalition (http://www.utahpop.org)

  • Environmental Education such as "Whole Person and Whole Earth Ministry" through the Claremont School of Theology. Courses offered in Santa Barbara, CA & Alta, UT

  • Coordination of the implementation of the "Call to Global Healing" www.globalhealing.net

  • Providing leadership for the Waves of Change campaign www.wavesofchange.org

  • Developed the International Days Series in St. Petersburg which included speakers, concerts, and workshops for World Water Day, Earth Day, International Biodiversity Day, World Enviornment Day and World Ocean Day. 397,000 people from 110 nations and territories signed up for participation in the live event or podcast. see podcats at: www.globalhealing.net/topics/view/16752

  • Represented Civil Socity at UNEP Conference for Envioronmental Ministers in Monaco.

Utah URI

The Utah URI CC (united religions initiative cooperation circle)

The Utah URI CC is one of the founding Cooperation circles of the United Religions Initiatives. It is an interfaith organization that welcomes all individuals and organizations that agree to adhere to the URI International Charter,

The purpose of the United Religions Initiative is to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, end religiously-motivated violence, and create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.

Major URI Projects & Initiatives

  • Representing URI at the Alliance for the New Humanity Conference.

  • Production of Multimedia Presentation Words of Schweitzer and Music of Bach

  • Hosting of U.S. State Dept. Delegation from Vietnam

  • Hosting of U.S. State Dept Delegation from Cypress, Africa, and Sweden

  • Hosting U.S. State Dept Delegation from Kyrgyzatan

  • Global Candlelight Peace Vigil

  • Hosting U.S. State Dept Delegations from Afghanistan

  • Working with Feeding Children International to send 280,000 meals to URI Malawi

  • Global Healing Implementation

  • Hosting American Association of Pastoral Counselors Annual Meeting

  • Olympic Peace Pole Project sponsored by Mayor and City of Salt Lake

  • Call to Compassion & Healing Following 9/11

  • Hosting URI North American Summit, and official Salt Lake Olympic sponsored conference

Wellness Consultation & Education

The WHALE Center has developed resources and provided Wellness consultation across the U.S. and Canada for over 20 years.

Some of its Major Programs have included:

  • Assistance with the Canadian Dept of Health & Welfare in development of Wellness programs and policy and providing consultation and training.

  • Breakthrough Commitment System at Deaconess Health Services

  • Breakthrough Cruise to Wellness on the Mississippi Queen

  • Breakthrough to Excellence at Walt Disney World

  • YMCA Wellness series at YMCA of the Ozarks

  • Family Wellness Seminars at a variety of resorts settings

  • Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort Wellness Program

  • Dimensions of Wellness that the WHALE Center provides programs and consultation in include:

  • Physical fitness and nutrition

  • Stress and Breakthrough Performance

  • Self-responsibility and wise use of medical resources

  • Cultural and Environmental Sensitivity

  • Spiritual Values and Ethics (including Pastoral Care for Hospice)

Youth Programs

The WHALE Center has always had a strong commitment to youth development and has been a key consultant in a number of youth programs including:

  • Warriors of the Heart Program

  • Assistance to troubled youth

  • Youth and Family Counseling

  • Partners for the Planet International Youth Program

  • Youth Development through Sports including sponsorship of six youth baseball teams

  • that played at the Cooperstown American Youth Hall of Fame Tournaments.

Contact Information

Dr. David W. Randle

WHALE Center

Phone 727-388-6675