Dr. Andy Schoneberg

Dr. Andy Schoneberog is a Board Emeritus member of the WHALE Center and founder and CEO of the Sunzee Car.

Andy graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Science and a master’s degree in Instrumentation Engineering from Case Institute of Technology in 1964. His engineering career began at NASA in development of a nuclear power system for the moon.

In 1968 he came to the University of Utah to do research in the Artificial Heart program. He received a Ph.D. in Biophysics and Bioengineering at the University of Utah in 1972 with thesis research in the area of control systems for the artificial heart.

During the next 25 years professor Schoenberg worked on various research and development projects associated with medical devices and rehabilitation. This included writing safety and efficacy standards for medical devices. Later he developed electromechanical devices to reduce disabilities of people with spinal cord, and head injuries. He also conducted research in neuro-prosthetics.

He has been active in promoting peace and a sustainable environment for more than 30 years. He initiated and taught “The Word Peace Seminar at the University of Utah. He has been active in the United Nations Association of Utah since 1991 and served as its president from 2012-214. He is a member of the Utah Population and Environment Council and the Utah Citizen’s Counsel. He retired from the U of U in 1999.

His engineering background and interest in a sustainable global environment led to his current project aimed at developing a solar powered vehicle. He formed a R & D company – Sunzeecar LLC The web site www.sunzeecar.com has a video and detailed descriptions of the developed vehicles. The latest version of the solar powered vehicle is street-legal in Utah and has a 330 watt solar panel on its roof. It is a three-wheeled aerodynamically enclosed electric vehicle with a range of 50 miles at 40 mph. It has the potential for eliminating pollution and carbon emissions world-wide when commercially produced.


Andy Schoenberg was born in Lithuania in 1939, his family moved to Germany in 1941 to escape Stalin’s purges. Having survived World War II in Germany, the Schoenberg’s emigrated to the U.S. in 1951. He moved to Utah in 1968. He is married and has two boys. His wife Mieke is a native of Holland and has three children from a previous marriage. In their empty-nester retirement Andy and Mieke share in promoting nonviolence, ecological wisdom and social justice.

He considers himself a global citizen, concerned about achieving a sustainable world without the injustice and conflict associated with diminishing resources needed for survival. He speaks Lithuanian, German and English.