Annual Reports

WHALE Center Annual Reports

The WHALE Center is a 501 (c) Not for Profit Corporation and files annual reports with the Federal Government, state of Utah, and state of Florida in addtion to the reports in ths section of the website.

2019 Annual Report Highlights include creation of new Flagship Schooner Wolf program for ocean and marine environment education, two trips to Cuba promoting sustainability concepts, and presentations in Cuba and NASA Kennedy Space Center

2018 Annual Report - Highlights include participation in the Parliament of Religions, Co-sponoroing International Sustainable Tourism Conference at Villages Nature, Paris , France, Presentations at the NASA Kennedy Space Center, and First Hotel Certification program

2017 Annual Report Part 1 Highlights include Pakistan Human Rights programs, participation int he Parliament of Religions,

2017 Annual Report | Part 2 Highlights incllude implementation of Grant to expore Sustainable tourism as a vehicle to promote peace with Cuba, participaion in the UN High Level Political Forum, and particiaption in the UN Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development in Geneva.

2016 Annual Report - Highlights include Experiential Learning Programs, UNWTO Affiliate programs, World Ocean Day program at NASA Kennedy Space Center, and continued work in Pakistan.

2015 Annual Report - Highlights - Windsor Castle Consultation, High Level Political Forum, Pakistan & Malawi programs, Utah URI at the World Parliament of Religions, UPEC programs, Earth Calling SOS, World Ocean Day event, and WHALE becoming a UNTWO Affiliate.

2014 Annual Report - Highlights - Logic of Nonsense Conference, Pakistan & Malawi programs, Sacred Tree Project, Utah URI interfaith programs, UPEC Small families Campaign, Earth Calling SOS series, Richard Jordan, Workshop at the U.N. and Sustainable Tourism Consultation, Tour de Turtles, Anna Maria Island, Walt Disney Imagineers.

2013 Annual Report - Highlights WHALE Blue Community Video Series, UPEC Media Campaign, Global Healing Malawi.

2012 Annual Report Highlights - WHALE support of USF Patel College, programs in Pakistan, & Malawi .

2011 Annual Report Highlights - Disney Shareholder Meeting, Sustainable Tourism Programs, New Pakistan Program, Phil Lane Jr.

2010 Annual Report Highlights - UNEP Meeting in D.C., UPEC GPI, Launch of Blue Community program, UNA USA support.

2009 Annual Report Highlights - UPEC begins GPI Study, Waves of Change pilot program in Key West, FL & Tampa Bay

2008 Annual Report Highlights - UNEP Conf. in Monaco, Meeting with African Embassies, Art Forms launched.

2007 Annual Report Highlighs - U.N. Internatonal Days Series, UN Disaster Reduction work in Geneva, Sol Sudan School built.

2006 Annual Report Highliights - Founding of IOI USA n FL,, U.S. State Dept Interfaith Dialougue, Sudan School Construction start

2005 Annual Report Highlights - Attending G8 Summit in Edinberg, Scotland, Implementing IOI USA, Africa Projects