Marsha Pilgeram

Marsha is the Coordinator of the WHALE Center Utah URI program (Utah United Religions Initiative).

Marsha graduated from Westminster University in 1981 B.S. Behavioral Science

Worked for Davis County Sheriffs Office, Deputy Sheriff, Corrections 1980-1987

Transcendental Meditation and Siddhis program, 1993

Post Graduate Diploma Henry Martyn Institute, Hyderabad India 2003, Conflict Resolution Peace Building Interfaith Relations

Classes on Islam, American University, Washington, D.C. 2003

Chaired board Bountiful Davis Art Center, 1998

Chaired board Unity Spiritual Center Salt Lake City, 1991

Summerfest International board bringing International Dance troupes to the US and housing them for one week while they dance and become fast and long friends. 25 years

Mayors award for work with International cultural events.

United Nations of Utah, Chaired Board Program Chair, member

United Religions Initiative charter signer Pittsburgh, Pa 2000 Co-Chair Utah United Religions Initiative, to present

Member Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable.

Parliament of World Religions organizing committee.

Traveling to 75 countries has been one of my biggest joys, organizing special events: focusing on global sustainability: why things work in other countries: how to make things better: and bonding in diversity. proud, great grandmother of nine.

Some of my greatest accomplishments were traveling with

The Cardinal and 8 bishops and fathers to the occupied territories in Uganda.

Traveling with A Chief Sangha Nyaka Theravata Dato Buddhist in India after receiving his Glory to India award.

Traveling the steps of Mahatma Gandhi with Arun Gandhi in India

Traveling guest of the Chinese Government to Sri Lanka with about 500 Buddhist Monks to rediscover Buddha's travels.

Housed Tibetan Buddhist Monks and helped with them 3 years.

Teaching about HIV/aides in India at an Islamic and Hindu School.

I am proud to have 2 children and 4 foreign exchange children, and 2 children I raised, 5 grand children, 9 great grandchildren.