Board of Directors

Dr. David W. Randle - President & CEO

Dr. David W. Randle - President & CEO, Class of 2021

Dave holds a B.A. from California Lutheran University, an M-Div. from the Iliff School of Theology, and a doctorate in Spiritual Disciplines, Wellness and Environmental Concerns from the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO.

He currently serves as President and CEO of the WHALE Center, a member of the UNEP Major Stakeholders Group, UNWTO Affiliate, host of the Blue Community Sustainable Tourism Observatory, and organization with Special Consultative status at the United Nations.

Dave is a PM4SD Certified Practitioner, and Managing Director of the Blue Community Consortium. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and the board of directors for the Florida Society of Ethical Ecotourism,

As the first ordained environmental minister in the nation, Dave has successfully coordinated a national campaign to preserve water, wildlife, and wilderness areas on behalf of the Pitkin County Commissioners, served as political and environmental advisor to John Denver, and initial program development coordinator for John Denver's Windstar Foundation.

Richard Berman - Co-Chair of Board of Directors, Class of 2021

Richard is Professor of the USF Institute for Innovation & Advanced Discovery, and Visiting Social Entrepreneurship Professor at the MUMA College of Business.

A recognized global leader in public health, education and management, he has consulted for the Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, McKinsey & Company, and the government of Rwanda.

Richard served as President of Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY from 1995 to 2009 and is credited with turning the struggling college into a high-ranking liberal arts school. During his tenure at Manhattanville, he successfully increased both local and international student enrollment, established two new buildings, invested in better technology, and developed additional graduate programs, among other advancements.

Richard attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in 1966 and his MBA and MPH degrees in 1968. He holds an honorary Doctor of Laws from Manhattanville College and an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from New York Medical College.

Sabina Zunguze - Go-Chair of Board of Directors, Class of 2024.

Sabina comes from Zimbabwe, Africa and is the founder and CEO of A Gift to Africa.

Sabina is Co-Chair of the WHALE Center Board of Directors and founder and CEO of A Gift to Africa

For the past 15 years, Sabina Zunguze has made it her life’s mission to empower women business owners to prosper by providing their businesses access to global markets. She has worked with women business owners in Africa and beyond to sustainably grow their business to the USA market.

Her passion has also been to enhance the understanding of those wishing to work with women in the developing world to successfully understand cultural issues, social responsibility and sustainability issues through her training, consulting and speaking platforms. Sabina is a Zimbabwe native and has lived in the USA for almost 30 years. She has been recognized and honored for her work since 2005.

Richard Jordan - Secretary, Class of 2023

From the age of 7, and as a native of Flushing, New York, Richard determined that his real mission in life was to work at the United Nations and meet “all the great people in the world.” This goal was strengthened when he heard the great NY Yankee broadcasters, Mel Allen and Red Barber, interview Branch Rickey, one of baseball’s legendary pioneers and innovators, who said that he had the greatest job in the world, since he “gets to see the greatest baseball players in the world every day.”

Richard determined that this idea was very sound, but that it did not go far enough. Why not hear the greatest opera singers, or orchestras, or meet the greatest people in the world in any field, but also at the only global organization, the United Nations? There was only one flaw in this idea: there was no manual written that told how to do this.

So, the dream lived on. Richard studied Latin and Greek, first at Holy Cross H.S. in Flushing, NY and then at Iona College, New Rochelle, NY. He found a variety of different communities that fed personal interests.

Joe Tankersley, - Futurist, Class of 2024

Joe Tankersley is a writer, futurist, and former Walt Disney Imagineer. He combines his broad experience as a storyteller with a deep knowledge of strategic foresight to help organizations create compelling visions for better tomorrows.

During his 20 years at Walt Disney Imagineering, Joe led creative teams on projects for Epcot, Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the Disneyland Resort in California.

Much of his work involved creating “serious fun;” using entertainment to enlighten, empower and inspire guests from around the world. These experiences taught him the importance of transforming complex information into narratives that can be easily accessed by diverse audiences. His projects have been recognized nationally and internationally, including receiving the prestigious THEA award for his work on Millennium Village at Epcot.

As part of Walt Disney Imagineering’s elite Blue Sky Studio, Joe helped establish the group’s first Strategic Foresight Program. In that role, he created a series of innovative projects designed to explore possible futures for The Walt Disney Studios, Disney Parks and Resorts,

Marsha Pilgeram, Uah URI coordinator, Class of 2022

Marsha is the Coordinator of the WHALE Center Utah URI program (Utah United Religions Initiative).

Marsha graduated from Westminster University in 1981 B.S. Behavioral Science

Worked for Davis County Sheriffs Office, Deputy Sheriff, Corrections 1980-1987

Transcendental Meditation and Siddhis program, 1993

Dr. Reese Halter, Chief Scientist, Class of 2022

In the 1980s, Dr. Reese founded Global Forest Science a conservation institute. Global Forest Science has enjoyed a number of triumphs; including the legislation from Ottawa to protect the threatened westslope cutthroat trout of British Columbia and Alberta; protection of the world’s largest ant colony in Japan; using trees and forests in British Columbia, Georgia, Manitoba and Wyoming as a barometer of rising global temperatures; opening an international insect quarantine facility at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia; saving New Zealand’s multi-billion-dollar forestry and agriculture industries from the Australian painted apple moth and understanding dieback ofthe tallest trees on Earth – California redwoods.

In the 1980s, Dr. Reese founded Global Forest Science a conservation institute. Global Forest Science has enjoyed a number of triumphs; including the legislation from Ottawa to protect the threatened westslope cutthroat trout of British Columbia and Alberta; protection of the world’s largest ant colony in Japan; using trees and forests in British Columbia, Georgia, Manitoba and Wyoming as a barometer of rising global temperatures; opening an international insect quarantine facility at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia; saving New Zealand’s multi-billion-dollar forestry and agriculture industries from the Australian painted apple moth and understanding dieback ofthe tallest trees on Earth – California redwoods.

Justin Farrow, Director of Technology, Class of 2023 -

Justin Farrow is not your average webmaster, former graduate student and Professor's Assistant to Dr. Randle at Patel College of Global Sustainability at University of South Florida. As a graduate student, Justin was the Webmaster for Patel College of Global Sustainability while he earned a Masters in Sustainable Tourism and a Masters for Entrepreneurship in Sustainability from USF. As an undergraduate student, he earned both a Bachelors Degree in Cultural Anthropology and a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy & Religious Studies from the College of Charleston. Justin has been on the Board for Blue Community, Waves of Change and the Whale Center since 2014 and serves as the Chief Technology Director for Blue Community programs and initiatives.

Rebecca Tobias, - Canadian Representative, Class of 2023

Rebecca Gonzalez-Tobias is a One Planet Living integrator, coordinator for the Blue Community Choices for the Future conferences, certified PM4SD practitioner, and Canadian Representative for the Blue Community Consortium. She is a former Global Council Trustee of the United Religions Initiative and the Program Director of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics which designs and facilitates interfaith and intercultural programming that serves to foster a culture of peace.

Through her work she has coordinated capacity-building projects with civic, faith, and social justice advocacy organizations locally, nationally and internationally.

As a past Fellow with the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights for the Working Groups for Indigenous Populations, Rebecca has assisted in the drafting of resolutions presented at the Human Rights Sub-Commission and has served as an NGO delegate for several assemblies, including the inaugural meeting of the Tripartite Forum on Interfaith Cooperation for Peace.

Dr. Noel Brown, Board, Member Emeritus

Dr. Noel Brown is the former Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, North American Regional office. Dr. Brown holds a B.A. in Political Science and Economics from Seattle University, an M.A. in International Law and Organization from Georgetown University and Ph. D. in International Relations from Yale University. He also holds a diploma in International Law from The Hague Academy of International Law.

Over the past two decades, Dr. Brown represented the United Nations Environment Program at a number of the major international conferences and negotiations on environment and development issues and on international law, including the historic Earth Summit in Rio, 1992. He has initiated numerous innovations in the service of the earth's environmental protection and sustainable development. He is a founding member of the Aspen Global Change Institute, the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, and Indigenous Development International.

Dr. Brown currently serves as President of the Friends of the United Nations, a non governmental organization dedicated to ad vancing the cause of the United Nations by mobilizing public support on its behalf and directing public attention to its major programmes and achievements.

Dr. Andy Schoneberg, Board Member Emeritus at the WHALE Center and is the founder & CEO of Sunzee Car.

Andy Schoenberg was born in Lithuania in 1939, his family moved to Germany in 1941 to escape Stalin’s purges. Having survived World War II in Germany, the Schoenberg’s emigrated to the U.S. in 1951. He moved to Utah in 1968. He is married and has two boys. His wife Mieke is a native of Holland and has three children from a previous marriage. In their empty-nester retirement Andy and Mieke share in promoting nonviolence, ecological wisdom and social justice.

He considers himself a global citizen, concerned about achieving a sustainable world without the injustice and conflict associated with diminishing resources needed for survival. He speaks Lithuanian, German and English

Chief Phil Lane Jr., is a Board Emeritius member of the WHALE Center having worked with WHALE since 1992. Phil Lane Jr. is an enrolled member of the Yankton Dakota and Chickasaw First Nations and is an internationally recognized leader in human and community development. He was born at the Haskell Indian School in Lawrence, Kansas in 1944, where his mother and father met and attended school.

During the past 45 years, he has worked with Indigenous peoples in North, Central and South America, Micronesia, South East Asia, India, Hawaii and Africa. He served 16 years as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (1980-1996). With Elder’s from across North America Phil co-founded the Four Worlds International Institute (FWII) in 1982. FWII became an independent Institute in 1995. As well, Phil is a Director of the Four Directions Corporation, an Indigenous owned company, incorporated in 1996’ as Four World’s economic development arm.

WHALE Center Program Council Members

  • Patras Dewan - Pakistan Global Healing Director
  • Steve Ritchey - Utah URI Coordinator
  • Dr. T.H. Culhane - Solar Cities & Rosebud Continuum
  • Rev. MacDonald Sembereka - Presidential Advisor, Malawi
  • Louis Zunguze - - PLT Group and faculty Patel College
  • Vince Albanese - Futures Team / Green Armada
  • Chris Castro - Futures Team / City of Orlando Sustainability
  • Ed Chiles - Futures Team / Chiles Restaurant Group
  • Debbie Meihls - Futures Team / New Smyrna Beach CVB
  • Harry Crissy - Futures Team / University of Florida
  • Sharon Wright - Futures Team / City of St. Petersburg Sustainability
  • Jerry Comellas - Interim Director, Rosebud Consortium
  • Kari Williams - Peace & Justice Institute
  • Talal Abu-Ghazaleh - Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization
  • Sarbuland Khan - UN Representative Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization
  • Silvia Barbone - Executive Director Foundation for European Sustainable Tourism and PM4SD
  • Clayton Ferrara - Co-founder Ideas for Us
  • Gaston de Jesus Rodriquez Milian - Professor, University of Matanzas, Cuba

Board of Advisors

  • Donald B. Ardell*, Ph.D. - Best Selling Author/Educator, Publisher Ardell Report, St. Petersburg, FL
  • Rev. Joyce Buekers - Hospice of the Valley Chaplain
  • Rev. Dr. Don Conroy - Pres North American Coalition on Religion and Ecology,
  • Phillipe Cousteau - Earth Echo International
  • Tom Crum - Executive Director Aiki Works, Aspen, CO
  • Enas Rahman Culhane - Rosebud Continuum
  • Matthew Fox - Author and Educator
  • Gerald Gergley,-Muscle Physiologist, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
  • John Izzo - President of Izzo Consulting
  • Abraham Keech - One of the Lost Boys from Sudan
  • Sam Keen - Best Selling Author and Educato
  • Randy Kunkle, President, Potential Inc., Colorado Springs, CO
  • John Langdon, M.D. - Director of Health Services, UCF, Orlando, FL
  • Tonia Lovejoy - Expedition leader, explorer, and Captain Beautiful Nation
  • Cliff Lyon - Activist & Social Media consultant
  • Wayne Martinson - UPEC Director
  • Don Mellman - Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • Lauve Metcalfe - Wellness Consultant, Tucson, AZ
  • Michael Mielke* - Consultant
  • Peter Moore Kochlas - United Methodist Environmental Ministry
  • Dr. Raymond Moody - Author / Educator
  • Rod Myers - Computer program manager American Express
  • Paula Nesbitt - Director of the Denver University Carl Williams Center For Ethics and Values
  • Frank Rohter* - Exercise Physiologist - University of Central Florida
  • Paul Schippel* - Past President of CHHSM
  • Nan Summers - Past Disney Imagineer, Principal Summers Consulting
  • Bob Zupancis - Wildlife & Ecology Consultant, Aspen, CO

*Past member of WHALE Center Board of Directors